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Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Bailey Fashion Doll


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The dolls themselves are soft and appealing, but the main attraction for most girls is the groovy clothes. The original clothing is unique for every doll, and the styles are whimsical and fun. To add to the fun, the accessory line for Groovy Girls dolls includes a large assortment of additional doll clothing. Outfits can be swapped out for hours of engaging play.

For collectors, Groovy Girls dolls created after late 2000 or early 2001 will include a sewn-on tag with the doll's name and the Groovy Girls signature orange flower. Dolls created before this time only included the doll's name on the attached sales tag, which can make identifying these early dolls a little tricky, but it does help that Manhattan Toys name will be on the sewn-on tags for these early dolls.

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    The Offshore Adventure Cabana is an awesome hangout for Groovy Girls mermaids! Two mermaids can fit in this breezy beachside tent. Includes a sea turtle pal; Groovy Girls dolls sold separately.
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    Some girls enjoy playing with imaginary playmates, while others prefer to have physical versions of their pretend playmates. To this end, a few of the Groovy Girls dolls have been produced in real child size over the years. Referred to as , these special dolls are 40 inches tall and have special straps on the bottom of their shoes to attach them to a little girl's feet for dancing.

    Whether you are a collector or a parent shopping for your daughter, you will almost certainly find a large selection of Groovy Girls dolls on . To start shopping, simply visit the eBay homepage and select from the category list on the left side of the page. Next, select , followed by . Next, select , and then, finally, . From this page, you will be able to browse all of the auction listings for all kinds of Groovy Girls items. If you would like to narrow your search to specific types of items or to one item in particular, you can use the search bar at the top of the page. Auction results can be sorted by the auction's end date, by price, or by distance from your location by using the drop-down box directly above the first auction listing.