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has long-been releasing a fantastic line of GREMLINS toys and action figures (I still need a life-sized prop for my office), and lately they've been cranking out figures based on 1990's GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH. Last June (wow, a year ago already?), about an "Electric Gremlin," but this year there's something even cooler: THE SPIDER GREMLIN. This new figure is MASSIVE, LIMITED-EDITION (one production run), and it's headed your way in November ().

On Friday, I mentioned one of our readers, Andrew informed me of these figures, but I had not seen the Regular Gremlin toy, so he sent me some fantastic photos of it, along with the B&W Stripe and the previous versions of Stripe that were released by Jun Planning.

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    Plush toys are a tough call in the collecting world, since they’re not something that can easily be displayed on a shelf. However, once I knew these existed, I knew I had to own them, proper display space be damned. To my knowledge, they are the only transforming Gremlins toys ever made, and in this case, it makes perfect sense. The “action feature” of these toys is built around what happens to Mogwai in the films.

    Yes, these plush toys are reversible, which allows you to transform Mohawk and Daffy back and forth between Mogwai and Gremlins. These. Are. INCREDIBLE. I was simply doing a search for vintage Gremlins toys on eBay and these popped up. I had no idea they existed. The auctions for the two plush dolls were both were in the United Kingdom, and as far as I can tell, every other example of these that I’ve been able to find has only been for sale over there, leading me to believe they’re an overseas exclusive. Much like the Japanese JUN Planning toys from the late 1990s, it seems like the best merchandise is never available in the market where it makes the most sense.