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Are big bears are getting more assertive and aggressive? In pre-historic times, giant bears weighed up to a ton and stalked early man. Listen as witnesses describe horrific bear attacks and take a look at unusual bear remains. The team journeys from Alaska to New Jersey to learn about bear activity and if hybridization or the next step in bear evolution could produce another crop of giant bears?

If I had been lucky enough to score a , it would have been almost nearly impossible to lose him. This is the ultimate in giant teddy bears and one of the largest plush teddy bears available today. He stands almost lifesize at a massive 6 1/2 feet tall (80") and weighs in at a whopping 40 pounds! His torso itself is filled with nearly 35 lbs of soft polyester fill and he's covered in a washable and velvety-soft 100% non-toxic, polyester fur. These Gund bears are known for their legendary quality, silky softness and made to last a lifetime or at least until they finally get away!

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Giant Teddy bears are safe for all ages. Please remove any outfit or accessories before giving this bear to a child younger than 3 years. Children under 1 years of age should be supervised at all times during play or sleep with the teddy bear.

Yes, I believe this is partially true. First get them wet, then feed them after midnight.
However, then you just get a bunch of giant woolly bears with stripes across their heads who always want to watch Snow White and say, “Yum Yum” while constantly begging for candy and popcorn.