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Gerber Graduates Lil' Sticks Meat, 2.5-Ounce Jars (Pack of 12)

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Gerber Graduates Meat Sticks 2.50 oz Jewel-Osco

Gerber Graduates Lil' Sticks Meat, 2.5-Ounce Jars (Pack of 12), Gerber Graduates Meat Sticks Lil' Sticks Meat Sticks - 12 Pack, #Grocery, #Products

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  • ~~~GERBER GRADUATES MEAT STICKS~~TRISTAN GOBBLES THESE YUMMY SNACKS RIGHT UP! Review by melissasrn September, 25 2002 Pros: Easy for small hands to grip; contains protein; convenient for travel. Cons: Expensive in price; contains extra sodium; choking hazard for younger babies.
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    My 17 month old, has started refusing protein. I mean every protein. Beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, beans. We've tried them every way, adding different spices, EVERYTHING! Everything he used to love, he know refuses to eat. I took him to a new Friday and he has lost quite a bit of weight. He is now in the 45th percentile. It wouldn't have been a concern, if he hadn't weighed a lot more before. I really think it's because he will only eat and and some cheese. He's not getting enough fat. (The pediatrician, who I really liked, agreed with this.) I don't know what else to do. The pediatrician told me rejecting foods is a normal developmental thing, at this age.
    SO...I got a jar of those Gerber meat stick things, at the store a few minutes ago. (the turkey ones) We don't eat processed here and I'm bad are they, REALLY? They are kind of a pieced together food and it really creeps me out. I REALLY need to get protein into this Dude and it's kind of a desperate effort. I don't want him to only want these stick things and I want him to return to his normal diet. Is it OK to give him the Gerber stuff, while he gets over this phase? Will he only want processed meats, if I give them to him?

    Toddlers learning (or insisting on!) feeding themselves may find these Gerber Graduates Meat Sticks to be a fun self feeding choice. They are convenient and contain almost half the daily RDA of for youngsters, so this nutritional fact is very comforting to many parents of picky toddlers, including myself. Yes, the content is quite high though, but this is to be expected in such canned convenient foods. Just be very cautious and allow self feeding of these small meat sticks for older babies and toddlers only under adult supervision as choking could possibly occur otherwise. So other than the high price and the high sodium content, I have no other problems with allowing my 2 year old son to snack on these Gerber Graduates Meat Sticks here and there. Sure, there's no doubt other more nutritious choices are available, but if my picky toddler will eat these, then I'm happy!