No - Gelli Baff will not stain your bath, skin, clothes or carpet.

Zimpli Kids Pink Gel Bath Gelli Baff 2-Use 600G Box

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Okrem samotnej zábavy Gelli Baff zjemňuje pokožku.

I received the Gelli Baff Pool Pack and the Gelli Baff 2 pack to review. For each Gelli Baff you will need a pack of the Gelli Baff and a dissolver pack.

We did our first Gelli Baff inside in the bath tub. My kids chose blue for this one. It is best if you slowly pour the Gelli Baff mixture into the tub under the running water and then mix it around. It takes about 10 minutes for the gelli to thicken up completely. You can find the consistency your kids like best by adding more water. If you want it really thick use less water, for thinner go add more water. Start with less since you can always add more.

Gelli Baff, great fun for bathtime

Gelli Baff Princess Pink
£6.00 including P&P

Sarah Mum of 3 Reviews Gelli Baff for the Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest.

Please note: As Gelli Baff is picked at random, we are unable to send colour preferences. You will receive one box of Gelli Baff, this will gorgeously Goo one bath full.

They had a blast playing in the tub with their Gelli Baff. I was amazed at how long this kept them entertained. When bath time was over they asked if they could do it again. It was a hit with them.