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Jibbing is a freestyle snowboarding technique of riding.

Freestyle snowboarding is any riding that includes performing tricks. In freestyle, the rider utilizes natural and man-made features such as rails, jumps, boxes, and innumerable others to perform tricks. It is a popular all-inclusive concept that distinguishes the creative aspects of snowboarding, in contrast to a style like alpine snowboarding.

"Jibbing" is technical riding on non-standard surfaces, which usually includes performing tricks. The word "jib" is both a noun and a verb, depending on the usage of the word. As a noun: a jib includes metal rails, boxes, benches, concrete ledges, walls, vehicles, rocks and logs. As a verb: to jib is referring to the action of jumping, sliding or riding on top of objects other than snow. It is directly influenced by grinding a skateboard. Jibbing is a freestyle snowboarding technique of riding. Typically jibbing occurs in a snowboard resort park but can also be done in urban environments.

ZB Freestyle Board - Tucker Toys

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ZB Freestyle Board - Blue - Toys"R"Us

Ons assortiment bestaat o.a. uit freestyle boards van en . Een freestyle board zal in de golven niet prettig varen. Een lang rak varen zoals een je met een freeride board kan doen is ook niet erg prettig op een freestyle board. Deze groep boards zijn gewoon zeer specifiek voor de moves op vlak water gemaakt.

Naast de free-style boards heb je ook wave-freestyle boards. Die varen goed in de golven en geschikt voor het maken van de freestyle moves.

*Full disclosure – I have never ridden boards from Mode or Decomposed Sk8, and they did not pay me anything for these mentions. They seem to be popular among freestylers and are very involved in the freestyle community. A full list of freestyle skateboard companies is maintained at the .