By request, the second of three footplay vids.

Fingerplays and Footplays for Fun & Learning



To warm up, they go to the sauna, where they sit side-by-side and have the cutest awkward footplay ever. They spend the rest of the afternoon playing games, relaxing, and hanging out.

VIOLENCE -- Two punches in the nose, a cartoonish electric shock and (off camera) a nasty sulfuric acid accident. SEX -- A farcical seduction, a smoking-in-bed-afterward scene, some lewd footplay under a table, handcuffs, a glimpse of bare breasts, a longer look at bare male buttocks, lots of leering at body parts of both sexes. PROFANITY -- More than a smattering, but not a barrage. For Which Children? AGES 3-9 -- The film isn't really appropriate for children in this age group, but they might enjoy some of the physical humor. AGES 10 and up -- They're likely to find all the comedy about vanishing, reappearing and collapsing body parts hilarious. Some consider the Jekyll and Hyde story an allegory about puberty. ANITA GATES

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About two decades ago, while teaching at the University of Virginia, he devised an experiment to study secrecy and obsessions. Enlisting college students to play card games at a table, he instructed some to play footsie under the table and tell everyone they were doing so. Others had to keep their footplay secret. One result? “The subjects who made secret contact with their partner were significantly more attracted to their partners,” Dr. Wegner told the Globe in 1994, a finding that, among other things, shed light on the allure of affairs outside relationships.

Black stockinged footplay by Kimberly. Her long, black stockinged soles and a perfect relaxing music helps you to forget your problames, and get some nice moments with Kimberly.