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Food storage containers are manufactured from food-grade plastics and metal, so you can store food safely. Choose lids that create an airtight seal to keep contaminants out and help your food last longer. Since each container is made from heavy-duty materials, you can stack them safely in a refrigerator or on a restaurant cart. Most containers are safe for use in industrial freezers.

Many of these options for food storage and containers are manufactured from clear or transparent plastic that enables you to identify the contents quickly during a busy lunch or dinner rush. With a clear container, there's no need to lift the lid and expose the food. For liquid or dry ingredients, choose a storage container with pre-printed measuring lines that let you know when to restock.

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Food storage containers have many uses in the kitchen. If you’ve cooked a large dinner for the family and want to save some leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, seal up food in Martha Stewart ceramic storage containers. You can put your leftover dinner in the container, and then put it straight in the fridge to stay fresh until lunch time the next day. Plus, these containers come in bright colors that will match your kitchen décor. These containers are so vibrant that you can store them on tables or counters without looking out of place. If you like to buy in bulk and need stylish containers to keep your sugar, flour, beans and other non-perishable items, try stainless steel canisters. These containers are tall with a pop top, giving them a sleek, modern look with convenient access through the top. Perhaps you like to make and then store in the same container. It’s possible with and store sets. You can go straight from the oven with this bakeware that doubles as a container. Make brownies at dinner time and then quickly put a lid on the pan to keep the brownies fresh for the next day, without having to transfer into a different container.

Prevent your food from drying out with these convenient food storage and containers. They are designed for restaurant use, so you can use them for large quantities. With products that range from aluminum foil to full-size tubs, you'll find an option to accommodate your storage requirements.