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POCO DIVO Floor Mat 9-tile Multi-Color Exercise Mat Solid Foam EVA Playmat Kids Safety


These play mats are great for kids

Our most popular floor mats for kids are our 5/8-inch interlocking foam play mats. Available in 15 brilliant colors, these mats are an excellent choice for kids rooms. They can also be laid directly over a concrete basement floor to create a soft and safe environment. Mix and match colors to create a fun play area for your home or school that is waterproof and stain resistant. This mat comes with two border strips per tile. Border strips allow you to turn any kids floor mat into a border or corner tile for finished edges. These play mats arrive 25 per carton via ground service right to your door!

Half-inch thick floor mats for kids are available in three popular colors (black, gray and blue) and are available at discount pricing. Use these puzzle mats for kids' bedrooms, playrooms and basement play areas.

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Choosing the best floor mats for kids can be an intimidating choice. On one hand, parents want to make their kids happy, especially on long car rides. On the other hand, most parents do not want to turn the interior of their vehicles into an extension of the kindergarten playroom. This situation requires a balance of compromise in taste, design, and function. Parents will want to carefully consider what colors they would like in their vehicle and what colors are compatible with their children's color preferences.