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Driving around in a clunker is fine until it decides to break down on you, but with your own tow truck, you can quickly get yourself, or your friends, home. Used flatbed tow trucks are a smart investment when you have the need, and you can even create a part-time or full-time towing business once you have the right equipment. Many manufacturers produce flatbed tow trucks, including Ford and Chevrolet, so you can find a quality and durable truck to meet your needs. Used flatbed tow trucks can include a variety of features, such as a 19 to 21-ft. bed with hydraulic lifts, also called a rollback, so you can easily load and unload the vehicles you are towing. Most flatbed tow trucks feature heavy-duty steel beds, so you can haul large weights without worry. And for a comfortable ride, many of these trucks feature air suspensions so you can tow the extra weight without the drive being bumpy. The large inventory available on eBay makes it easy to find the right truck for you.

Investigators say a flatbed tow truck slowed down and activated its emergency lighting in the left lane because another tow truck that was towing a vehicle on the left shoulder attempted to merge into traffic.

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Vehicle Data
Category : Other Vehicles & Trailers > Commercial Trucks > Tow Trucks > Flatbeds & RollbacksItem Id: 11989
Year: 1988
Engine Make: InternationalMake: FORD F350 DIESEL
Type: RAMP TRUCK TOW TRUCKTransmission Type: Manual
Class: Class 3 (10,001-14,000 lbs.)Transmission Speeds: 4 Speed
Tire Size: 16"Suspension Type: Spring
Number of Axles: Single
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Flatbed tow trucks, also called rollback tow trucks, contain a large empty bed in the back of the truck. Using hydraulics, this bed can be inclined in order to form the shape of a ramp. The vehicle can then be either driven onto the flatbed or a can be used to drag it into place. After the vehicle is in place, hydraulics are used again to level out the flatbed in order to haul the vehicle. Flatbed styles are the preferred method for hauling vehicles, because they do not place pressure on the vehicle or drag it for a period of time. Rather, all of the stress is placed on the tow truck.

Many first responders and regular drivers said further that avoiding potholes is also a big problem. Justin Carlo’s car ended up on a flatbed tow truck after landing on one.