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Fire creatures exist only in your head, but they've been in there for almost a million years. did the human journey start with our first weapon? or with our first Fire? or with our first Vision of strange creatures dancing in the flames?

The Fire Civilization is shimmering deserts and rocky badlands, all surrounded by magma-belching volcanoes. In this blast-furnace land live brutish creatures with explosive personalities, raw power and high-explosive weaponry. Fire creatures don’t do a lot of planning, and do less negotiating, making Fire the most warlike civilization.

Fire breathing creatures are enemies in the game Dream Tower

  • Imix, the Prince of Evil Fire Creatures, once dwelled in a tremendous active volcano on this plane.[33][60]
  • HellFire creatures are the inhabitants of the HellFire wolrd

    Fire breathing creatures have two black feet with ends that curl upward, located at the bottom of their bodies. The body of the fire breathing creatures are dark red. On the face of the enemy is two light red eyes and a black mouth. On the top of the enemies head is two dark red ears that curl backwards.

    Animation of fire creatures heavily inspired by Diablo and Ifrit on your home screen. Watch as a spinning meteor burns a hole in the ground; creating a small crater. A fire creature of your choice will appear when the screen is tapped.

    This live wallpaper does not intend to represent Final Fantasy VII Advent Children or Diablo 3 in any way whatsoever; but rather my interpretation of the legendary Lord of Terror and Infernal Jinn. All designs were made from scratch. A lot of inspiration came from Diablo and FF7, and I added a few elements from The Avengers' aliens as well. This destruction scene was also inspired by meteor strikes.

    The character choices could be changed in the settings page.

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