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She returned to find her home ransacked →

This tutorial presumes no prior knowledge of R. It will go through some of the basic functions of R and serves as an introduction to the language. It will take you through the installation process, explain some of the tools that you can use in R, as well as explain how to work with data sets while doing research. The tutorial will do so by going through a series of mini-lessons that will show the kinds of sources R works well with and examples of how to do calculations to find information that could be relevant to historical research. The lesson will also cover different input methods for R such as matrices and using CSV files.

Though the quest to find water on distant planets is the most talked-about way that researchers are looking for extraterrestrial life, one of our best bets at understanding life’s complexities lies with comets, not planets. In fact, the icy space balls to form amino acids and nucleobases, two key substances needed for life to take root. And now, researchers may have found another necessary ingredient: ribose, the ‘R’ in RNA.

can you find your (own) way to the station? →

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In this write-up we have shown that it’s possible to make the conversion for SAS “retain” statement even though R does not provide a 1-to-1 match function. In such scenarios, the best approach is to understand what SAS is doing and then find the R function that does the same thing.

Bob - I was very happy to find your comments here. I've been warning folks for years about the pitfalls of the CAGR in terms of expressing historical trends, and it's nice to happen upon the same arguments by an independent source.