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I feel like my musical decorating prayers have been answered. I have always loved those gigantic Fathead posters, which stick directly to the wall, but I'm not a gigantic sports fan. So it didn't make sense for me to plaster my rooms with Detroit Red

Last week, a Reddit user posted an image of a Tim Tebow Fathead poster he’d purchased online. The thing is, the user ordered a Tom Brady Fathead. Naturally, he went to Reddit to complain. had 2,624 upvotes (the Reddit equivalent of a Facebook like) and 675 comments. It’s the kind of attention a brand doesn’t want to see when it screws up.

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    Did you seriously just call that Yadier Molina Fathead a POSTER?! Come on! That is a Fathead Wall Decal! FOR REAL! Fatheads are SO much bigger than posters, and an officially licensed Yadier Molina graphic is huge. A Fathead stays up on its own with a low-tac adhesive that won't damage your walls, making this wall graphic easy to move and reuse.

    I spent five dollars to get tickets for the carnival, i really wanted the fathead gift card. i won it! i used it the next day for two fathead posters that cost me the whole entire giftcard. I get the posters of the whale and the butterfly, i was happy by how big they were. me and my dad and brother tried putting the sticker on the wall, we couldnt even get it on because it kept falling of! we got it off the wall and it started sticking to itself! i spent my whole entire 100 dollar gift card for stickers that only stick to itself!!! i was so mad and sad! i used my whole entire giftcard for stickers that only sticked to itself. i was crying! it wass really unfair of them to not tell me that it only stuck to textured walls! i mean, it never told me that. now i spent my 100 dollar giftcard on something i cant even use!