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I have a personal policy to accept free items from Amazon Vine only when I need the item and will use it. This Evenflo Titan Convertible Car Seat, Atlantis came at the perfect time. We have two cars and a car seat in each for our now five-year-old son. One car seat we bought used a couple of years back and the elastic on the cover is ruined so the cover won't stay on. This seat is good for children up to 50 pounds and he only weighs about 38 pounds (he's short and wonderful), so it should suit him for quite a while.

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The Evenflow Titan convertible car is good value for money. We were looking for a good but reasonable car seat for our 10month old son. Found this one at Target. Installing the seat was a snap. I have it installed behind the passenger seat and so far there has been no problem. I had the pull the front seat during installation but after that it went right back to its usual position so that I am not cramped for space when I sit on the front passenger seat.

However, I do have a couple of issues. The back of the seat is quite straight and according to the instructions, the only way to incline it further is by putting a towel under it. The straight back is ok as long as my daughter is awake, but as soon as she falls asleep, her head flops forward and then keeps rolling all over the place everytime the car is braked. If the seat could have an option to recline it when a child has gone to sleep, it would become the best car seat ever.

Take your baby on a joyful and fun ride in the Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Car Seat. This adjustable car seat has a removable head pillow that provides a very comfortable ride for children. Evenflo Titan Sport is side-impact tested with upfront harness tightening. It also includes an energy-absorbing foam liner for safety. This car seat is a very convenient accessory for children during long drives.