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Evenflo Dual Electric Breast Pump.

My daughter-in-law was given an Evenflo dual electric breast pump as a gift. The pump never got enough suction to even attach to her breast. So, we took the pump to a lactation specialist and had it tested to make sure that she was operating it properly. The pump was tested and found not to have enough suction. We were told that nothing was defective on the pump; it just was not a good pump. I tried returning the pump to the store and was told that I had to go through Evenflo. When I called Evenflo, I was told that because the pump had been opened I could not return it (how would a person know it didn't work if they didn't open it) but they would be glad to cover any replacement parts. The fact that the pump was of inferior quality was not their concern. I will not purchase any other Evenflo products because of the way this was handled and strongly recommend others not to purchase this pump.

Moms who only occasionally pump should look into the Evenflo Dual Electric Breast Pump. This bargain option may not come with many frills, but it does have an adjustable vacuum and an AC adapter. ($56)

Evenflo SimplyGo Dual Electric Breast Pump

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    My mother bought me the Evenflo Dual Electric breast pump so I could build up my milk supply as my son isn't gaining weight as he should and he doesn't always like breast feeding. I've used the pump about four times and the suction is terrible and the motor is so loud and obnoxious. The last time I pumped, it took 20 minutes to get less than an ounce, whereas the hospital grade Medela expressed 5-6 oz in 15. I am deeply disappointed with this product and will let Evenflo know how much so on Monday when their customer service line is open. I have breast feeding friends who are looking to buy a pump and I will NOT recommend any Evenflo product as they are of poor quality!

    After pumping in an airport bathroom and clumsily navigating the electrical wire and two tubes of my old pump, I was more than ready to try something new. Enter the Evenflo SimplyGo Dual Electric Breast Pump.