Bathing baby is easier and safer with Primo's EuroBath Infant Seat!

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PRIMO EuroBath, Pearl White


Primo Eurobath 0-24 Months - White - Babies"R"Us

There are two bathing areas in the bathtub, one for the baby when they are bathed laying down and one for when they are able to sit up on their own. I was able to use this tub on the island in my kitchen when my children were at the stage of laying down, which meant that I didn’t have to bend over and hurt my back while bathing them. Once they started sitting up I put them in the other contoured side with the tub on my tile floor. The way the Primo Baby EuroBath is designed, it contours to the shape of your child so that they are unable to slip and slide all over the place, even when they are sitting upright. This allows for more freedom for the baby to explore and splash around, as well as freeing up your hands to get in some good washing. Also, it saves me so much water, as it doesn’t require nearly as much water as if I were trying to bathe my children in a regular tub. I am currently still using it with my 11 month old, who weighs 25 pounds and is super active. He is safe and secure in this tub, and he gets to have a lot of fun, too!

The Primo EuroBath Baby Tub is available in three colors: pearl white, pearl mint green, and transparent blue. It has a built in drain and two areas for holding soap, shampoo, toys, etc. For more information, please visit .

Primo EuroSpa Baby Bath & Changing Table Center

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Euro bath - Bill Shea's Replacement Countertops.

I received the Primo Baby EuroBath as a gift before my son was born. It is the largest baby bath tub available, which turned out to be a good thing as my son came out a whopping 9lb 12oz. This tub is so convenient and durable that I have used it for the last two years with both of my children.

This replacement drain plug for the EuroBath is perfect for replacing a lost or worn out drain plug. The new plug ensures that the PRIMO EuroBath can be used for generations to come.