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Here is what you’ll need for both the mint oreos and elf shoes…

Draw the design of your elf shoe as if you were looking at it from the side around the rectangle base pattern. Draw a curved-up toe if you like but do not draw inside the rectangle or your finished elf shoes will be too small.

Felt is a good material for making elf shoes for a costume or to wear as slippers around your home during the Christmas season. The felt is soft and comfortable to wear and looks the same on both sides so you do not have to worry about assembling the shoes incorrectly or sewing the seams on the outside of the elf shoes. Purchase puffy dimensional fabric paints from a craft store to add traction to the bottom of your finished elf shoes.

Will you be making my Elf Shoes this Christmas Season?

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    Turn the elf shoes inside out so that the seams are on the inside of the shoe. Put the shoes on and apply several dots of puffy fabric paint to the bottom of the shoe. This will help prevent you from slipping while wearing the felt elf shoes.

    [Arch Daily] For the full authentic effect, look at these photos while standing next to a filthy white man with dreads wearing a trash bag poncho and velvet elf shoes with toes that curl up at the ends. (And who, back in real life, has an eight figure net worth.)