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In 1967, all students at the Harvard Medical School were required to take a biostatistics course. At this time there was a newly emergent class of specialist, called biostatistician, who was consulted by working biologists with the same frequency that Mafia hit men consult their lawyers, and for the same reason – to ask, “Can I get away with this?” Is my work unobjectionable?”

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Most users end up wanting more Random Access Memory. The history of small computers has been characterized by increasing amounts of RAM. The earliest machines had only 4K; most machines are now sold with at least 16K, and many users feel unhappy without at least 64K. What’s it all for?

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From Electronic Life:
The history of the telephone provides an instructive example of what happens as a technology becomes widespread. Anyone over the age of fifty can probably remember when telephones had no dials. To make a call, you picked up the receiver and waited until an operator came on the line. You told the operator the number you wanted, and the call was placed for you. If you placed a long-distance call to some other city – a very exotic undertaking – you’d hear the operators talking to each other in their regional accents, arranging to route your call through their individual switchboards.