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Max Dillon was a lineman for an electric company despite having the dream to be an electric engineer. One day, while holding a pair of damaged power lines, Max was struck with a bolt of lightning. This didn't kill him, but instead granted him amazing electrical powers, such as being able to produce 1,000 volts of electricity per minute, 100,000 volts at maximum. The electricity enhanced his strength, giving him the ability to lift up to 450 pounds. Spider-Man defeated him by wearing rubber boots and gloves and by attacking from the air. He is one of the inaugural members of the , a group of villains wishing to get revenge on Spider-Man.

Acompanhando a queda da depois dos anos 70, vários artistas do electro funk como começaram a experimentar o uso de através de um uso intenso e batidas mais distintivas.

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Electro is a with multiple personalities, sometimes making appearances in Timely Comics and Atlas Comics as well as Marvel Comics. In one of his identities, Matthew Dillon, the son of a bean counter and and an over-protective mother who thought her son rather stupid, advising him to seek work as a lineman for an electrical company rather than pursuing his dream of becoming a dynamo sufficiently powerful enough to supply electricity to Coney Island on alternate weekends, he became a mommy's , developed an inferiority complex, and became a chronic bed wetter and all-around loser.

Conforme o tempo foi passando, os poderes de Electro começaram a se tornar instáveis. Chantageando Dexter Bannet, Max consegue dinheiro e seus poderes são ampliados. Ele ataca o Clarim e destrói o lugar antes de ser derrotado pelo Homem-Aranha novamente.