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Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven, Purple (Discontinued by manufacturer)


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This hot fudge is a preview to my next recipe. You will need hot fudge sauce for what is coming this weekend on Easybaked! Whenever I have a dessert that needs a spoonful of hot fudge on top, this is my go-to recipe. It has hardly any ingredients, and it is easy to make, store, and reheat.

My thoughts: I was originally going to do these with graham crackers- like a s’mores cookie- but when I realized how well those Oreo Thins work for dipping, I went with those instead- and I’m glad I did! These are absolutely delicious. I really, really loved them! A unique addition to any cookie tray! In fact, I made cookie plates with my last 3 recipes here on Easybaked. I baked them all over one weekend and brought these to my neighbors and friends. Who says you can only do this at Christmas???🙂

How to make an Easybake Cake from Scratch

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    Hi! No, you don’t need to add water– just add the powdered mix to the frosting blend! Good luck!


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