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The Teacher's Lab Manual for Bob Jones Earth Science. Provides the text of the student earth science lab activities with marginal notes and answer overprints. Spiral bound. 4th ed. 8th grade.

I am a huge fan of the Phet lab simulations. I find that they are a great way to model real world situations and give students the ability to explore areas such as those with glaciers, digitally since it is virtually impossible for teachers to take such awesome field trips. This lab is a compilation of other labs that I have found both on Phet and around the internet. This Earth Science lab also allows students to use Google to find information about about glacial landforms and how they deposit their sediments.

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Station 3- Angular Measurement - Using a plastic hemisphere that models the apparent path of the sun, an external protractor, a metric ruler, and masking tape, the student will locate the position of the sun at a given time and measure the distance between that position and a fixed point. Station 4 - Mass-Density - Using a decigram balance, a mineral density chart, and a calculator, the student will find the density, determine the mass, and calculate the volume of a given mineral sample. Regents Earth ScienceLab Performance Test - Part D

Below is the list of labs given in Earth Science Laboratory Class. Your laboratory class meets once every four days (on the Hamburg High School four day cycle). To view the materials and procedures for each lab, click on its title below.