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DS Lite carrying case review.
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Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of a carrying case for the Nintendo DS Lite from GameStop.

With a library as massive as the Nintendo DS and hardware as sleek as the DS Lite, you need a reliable carrying case to protect and transport all those great games and sexy hardware. Fortunately, GameStop offered an outstanding case at the height of DS mania. This particular model resembles a briefcase, both in look and feel. One of the most durable DS accessories you'll find, this case is made from both metal and high-quality plastic. Apart from a small metal GameStop logo, there's no indication that this case is even a video game accessory. It's a nice option for older gamers who like to carry their hardware without embroided Pokémon cases. This model was sold as a kit, complete with a car charger, individual cartridge cases and even matching headphones. It came in several colors to match the available DS Lite models, including the black and pink shown in this review. Sadly, GameStop no longer sells these DS Lite cases, but if you can find them used in good condition, they're well worth the investment.

This video review features video footage of a carrying case for the Nintendo DS Lite and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.

The include complete cases, buttons, a matching stylus, and a screwdriver to give a DS lite a pretty unique make over. Whether you accidentally picked up a pink DS and are sick of defending your sexuality, or just want to stick it to everyone who let's the Man tell them what color their handheld can be, Ghost's translucent DS lite cases in Crystal, Clear Blue, Smoke Black, Clear Green, and Clear Pink should allow for a good degree of individuality.

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    has divulged a new piece of the puzzle to his initiative with a matching Nintendo DS Lite case. The black and white case includes the same details as the NDS with a white strip along the edge, similar to the white hinge seen on the NDS. As mentioned previously, more details will release in the upcoming Honeyee Mag.

    The Travel Case is the easiest way to carry your Nintendo DS Lite console while providing superior protection. It is made from durable scratch resistant rubber, which makes it perfect for those congested backpacks, suitcases or any other carrying bag. It includes a nylon wrist strap and a belt loop, giving you several options to carry your DS Lite Travel Case.