The situation calls for drastic measures.

LifeStride Women's Drastic Flat, Black, 7.5 M US

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Ask questions about DraStic or discuss compatibility issues here.

Android really seems to be outshining iOS and other mobile operating systems as far as game emulation is concerned, similar projects for the PSP called PPSSPP and one for GameCube and Wii games called have started development but it’ll take some time before they run as smooth as DraStic.

DraStic supports a wide variety of smartphones so chance is that yours works, it does not however support Tegra 2 devices so make sure to check the compatibility list before getting the app.

A drastic course of action is extreme and is usually taken urgently.

  • Drastic Emulator
  • The Nationalist movement neared its most drastic ordeal in 1936.

    DraStic is available to purchase for $7.99 on the store. The emulator is not free mainly because it was coded from scratch and the code is closed source, the developers put in some hardworkt so they deserve whatever they can get.

    DraStic also includes other features like the ability to control the size and placement of the DS screens, full support for gamepads, controllers and physical pad devices like the Xperia Play. There are also save states allowing you to save your games anytime, a built in dedicated cheat code device, the ability to share save files via Google Drive and increase emulation speed by skipping frames and fast forwarding.