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Dora the explorer was initially a television series that was produced to educate young children. Children are able to follow Dora in her search for something or somebody. She asks the audience at home to help her. Small quizzes and questions are asked during the show to make the child actively think about solutions. During her adventures, she uses short English words and phrases, which enable the children to learn English at a young age (Retrieved from , on 22.11.2011).
Dora always finds herself in other adventures in the video game, the books and the movie. These platforms all emphasize the educational purpose and give a unique contribution to the overall narrative of Dora. The video game consists of symbols and pictures that allow children to actively think about how to solve Dora’s mission. Also the book allows children to actively think and read about how Dora solved her mission. This shows that although the stories differ, they still serve the educational purpose of Dora. The several platforms enrich the overall narrative.

Dora was launched on the Nickelodeon network in the US in the year 2000. The launch did not differ significantly from other animated series in relation to public relations and marketing. However, the success of the series has developed trough popularity among children. This popularity can also be seen in the introduction of several other Dora products after the series became a success. The brand “Dora” was merchandized and shortly after the launch of the pilot, there were Dora dolls, games, DVD’s and magazines available (Carter, 2008). For this, advertising and marketing techniques have been particularly used by the Nickelodeon network. According to Carter (2008) the key to success was changing the television-show into “a brand” itself by using multiple ways of media to make it popular.

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Cartoon phenomenon Dora La Exploradora follows the adventures of an inquisitive and curious eight-year old girl. The show has an interactive format that allows children to learn how to solve problems, improve their vocabulary (English and Spanish), math skills, music appreciation and physical coordination.

According to Popp (2006) the Dora series have helped to attract audiences and to turn the Nickelodeon Network into a successful merchandising enterprise. Millions of viewers every day all over the world and the translation into twenty-five languages (Carter, 2008) emphasize the success of the show. According to Naik and Raman (2003) the combination of the different products and multimedia activities such as television, print, radio, Internet, sales promotion, and public relations had great impact on the success of Dora the explorer.