Here are some Disney nurseries sent in by our readers:

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Disney Princess 3 Piece Comforter Set, Happily Ever After


Disney nursery not at all like this. But, like the idea.

The ceiling mural that we painted in our baby's Disney nursery: We started to plan our cheery Disney nursery when found out we were having a baby boy and from the very start we knew that we did NOT want the standard

Disney nursery idea. Lion king?! I'm gonna need to have like 8 kids!!! - I wish there was a Jasmine one! Maybe by the time I have kids, there will be :)

Here is my baby boy's disney nursery all painted!

    • 5 months ago
  • Different take on a Disney inspired nursery.

    Our daughter, Lilly, has a Disney nursery theme that is defined by a hand painted film strip over the crib. The painting was inspired by our favorite Disney characters, Ariel, the Little Mermaid, Lady and the Tramp, the Lion King and the Jungle Book. Actually, those are just a few of the featured stars in her nursery. Her room actually showcases many all time favorite Disney movie characters.

    For example, on the wall to the right of the Lilly's crib, there is a large wall mural that we painted in pink of Cinderella's Castle with our favorite fairy from Peter Pan.

    Tinkerbell, the famous fairy from Peter Pan is painted with wand in hand flying across the blue wall above the turrets.

    including artwork.

    The painted film strip on the wall above the crib adds a pop of bright color to our baby girl's nursery.

    We chose a sleigh style crib and a pink bedding set for Lilly.

    We painted the pink princess castle on the wall to reflect the colors in her crib set.

    We painted Tinkerbell in the wall mural to the side of the castle's turret for added interest.

    And just to be fair, on the other walls there are large pictures of Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Goofy.

    We painted Mickey nearer to the glider because he is a favorite of my husband's.

    As you can see from the pictures that I've shared of our baby's here on our project was completed, ready and waiting in plenty of time for Lilly's arrival and now she can enjoy her room!

    Getting ready to meet the newest member of your family? You might already know or have a feeling that they are the next Little Mermaid or Buzz Lightyear, or you might just have always dreamed of a Winnie the Pooh or Minnie Mouse themed nursery. If you have been picturing a Disney themed nursery in your future and can’t get visions of your favorite childhood characters out of your mind, start your decorating adventure with Shutterfly’s collection of Disney nursery accessories for your baby. If you are having a baby shower, make sure to alert your guests that your child’s nursery is going to be modeled after a particular Disney character or fairytale so that they can help you stock up on all the items you need to make your nursery a little Disneyland of its own.