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Dinosaur Training Secrets: Volume I: Exercises, Workouts and Training Programs

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Dinosaur Training is not for everyone.

Actual workouts filmed in the Dinosaur Dungeon - teaching you sets, reps, exercises, and training techniques you won't find anywhere else - and giving you a huge dose of motivation and inspiration. Especially valuable for cellar-dwellers and garage gorillas. Learn to harness the indomitable power of your mind - unlock your potential - blast through any obstacle - and push forward to achieve any goal you desire. Every champion in every strength sport knows that strength and power starts with the mind - and these high-powered, high-impact CD's will prove it to you.A special FREE service for everyone who visits the Dinosaur Training site. Sign up to receive daily email tips covering real-world, no-nonsense strength training and muscle building. Training programs, workouts, exercises, questions and answers, Dinosaur Mindpower, motivation, inspiration, product reviews, success stories from readers, a dash of humor, good times, camaraderie, feedback from fellow dinosaurs and plenty of Iron Game history. Highly recommended for everyone!

And make no mistake about it. There are thousands of hard training, hard-charging dinosaurs around the world who train in home gyms - and who would never dream of trading their home gym for a commercial facility. I'm one of them. When I wrote Dinosaur Training, I trained in a basement gym. Today I train in my garage. So if you're a cellar-dweller or a garage gorilla, you're my kind of people - and Dinosaur Training is going to be YOUR kind of book! I published Dinosaur Training in March, 1996. That was after three years of work to write and research the book - and to test-drive the training ideas in it.

Dinosaur Print Training Pants Features:

  • The Dinosaur Train A-Z Song (SWEDISH) w/Lyrics - YouTube Dinosaur Train A-Z Song in SWEDISH with Lyrics/ Dinosaurie TÃ¥get A-Z SÃ¥ngen pÃ¥ SVENSKA med Text: Vi mötes pÃ¥ vÃ¥rt dinosaurietÃ¥g och reste till
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    I'm posting this so you know who I am, how and why I got started in strength training, what I've accomplished and what I stand for. You know I wrote Dinosaur Training -- you know I've written hundreds of articles featured in Hardgainer, Milo, The Iron Master, HIT Newsletter, IronMan, Muscle & Fitness, and my own monthly newsletter, The Dinosaur Files (published from 1997 through 2002) - you know I was a state champion in Greco-Roman wrestling way back in high school -- you know I won five national bench press championships (submasters division, 198 and 220 pound class, in drug-free, drug-tested competition) - but do you know what I'm doing today, at age 52 - or how I'm training? Read my updated bio and stay current with everything that's going on at Dino Headquarters.I've received testimonials from readers around the world - including World and Olympic champions, World record holders, and top coaches. Take a few minutes to review them - and to see what Dinosaur Training has done for others - and what it can do for you. Detailed book reviews, feedback and product reviews from Dinosaur Training fans around the world. Order with confidence -- see what others are saying about our books and products.I cover everything in my Dinosaur Training Blog. Answers to common training questions. Abbreviated strength training. Exercises. Equipment. Workouts. Special advice for older lifters. Diet and nutrition. Conditioning. Feedback from readers. Questions and answers. Success stories from readers. Physical culture history. Concentration. Motivation. Staying focused. If you want to reach the top of the mountain - and stay there for as long as possible - then read the Dinosaur Training Blog. Visit us daily -- I add new material every day. We will be adding new products regularly throughout the coming year. Bookmark this page and keep coming back to see all of our exciting new products - books, courses, training manuals, DVD's, CD's t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, photos and more!

    Dinosaur Training was different: It focused on real world strength training - becoming more powerful - building functional muscle - strengthening your tendons and ligaments - thick bar training - heavy weights - power rack work - heavy grip work - sandbag and barrel lifting - heavy support work - effort - dedication - perseverance - concentration - determination - and mental toughness.