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Holtz and Rey's raises the bar not just for all dinosaur books but for all children's books on any subject. I have never -- never -- seen a children's non-fiction book tackle its subject so head-on, in such depth, and with such approachability as this new encyclopedia does. It has something for everyone: the youngest child can enjoy Luis Rey's distinctive, dynamic illustrations; slightly older children will appreciate the descriptions of individual dinosaurs; those older still will be able to understand chapters on the history of dinosaurs, the fossilisation process, geological time and more. And even most adults will learn something from the chapter on cladistics -- surely a first in a book aimed primarily at children.

Like the other How Do Dinosaurs books out there, How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms? Is a board book, perfect for destructive kids and those little ones that like to read on the go. The durable quality of this book also makes it great for classrooms and libraries that multiple children have access to, as it can easily withstand the test of time and the trials that little kids tend to put their favorite dinosaur
children’s books through.

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How Do Dinosaur’s Eat Their Food?: Here’s of the dinosaur books from the collaborating team of Yolen and Teague. This one focuses on good table manners. Do dinosaurs burp, belch or make rude noises while they eat? Do they pick at their food, throw their dishes around, and make others pick up after them? Kids can have a hard time learning how to behave at the table, but this book makes table manners fun to learn. The rambunctious dinosaurs in the story learn their lessons the hard way, and through their story kids will discover just how much fun it can be to have great table manners.

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Hi! I appreciate this great list. I also want to share a link to a post I wrote about the dinosaur books we enjoy, and a craft we made related to dinos. Here it is:

4. by Carolyn Otto is one of my son’s all-time favorite dinosaur books. He’s had it read to him so many times, that my 4 yo daughter can recite it. It’s rather amusing and adorable to watch her sit and ‘read’ the book to her little brother.