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Grimlock is the only known dinobot in transformers robots in disguise

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One of the most memorable groups of in were the . Introduced in the second series as Transformers was coming to its height, the Dinobot Sludge transforms into a robotic .

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  • They were rumored to make an appearance on Transformers: Prime and in Predacons Rising, but this turns out to be false since they did not appear in the movie but was mentioned in Transformers: Prime. The Dinobots were however mentioned by Miko and Bulkhead told her that they were different from Predacons in Project Predacon (episode).
  • Currently, there are no female Dinobots at this time.
  • Grimlock is the only known dinobot in transformers robots in disguise.
  • In Michael Bay's film, Transformers: Age of Extinction, there were only 4 Dinobots, but Grimlock and Slug were the only original Dinobots in the film, the other 2 are not (Scorn and Strafe).
  • Of all the Dinobots in different reincarnations, Scowl is the only Dinobot who is a Decepticon. Also in Robots in Disguise, Dinobots aren't considered as a "team name", rather, it usually is describe by any Cybertronians as "Cybertronians that has the appearance of Dinosaurs".  
    • Also in one of the episodes, Groundpounder even can tell which one is a "true" Dinobot, since he has faced many during his fight, during the beginning of the episode, on the big screen, He and his coach both mistake the machine on the screen for Dinobots.

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