Darkstar Skateboard Truck Cap HelmetColour: OrangeStyle: Helmet

Darkstar Flight Yellow DS40 Series Complete Skateboard, 31 x 7.75-Inch


5.0 T5 aluminum Darkstar trucks with good turning radius

Be aware: Dark State does make a cheap Wal-Mart version. They do produce great pro decks, but be Leary of the cheap versions, (the cheap versions come with darkstar trucks). also the darkstar tucks are 2nd rate. Just my 2-cents

Darkstar Sword Complete Skateboard (Gold, 7.7-Inch) by Darkstar. $56.81. Sword Complete Skateboard by Darkstar. Deck size: 7.7" x 31.1". Built with Darkstar Trucks, Helmet 52mm Wheels, Darkstar Abec 5 Bearings, Darkstar Hardware, Quality Griptape. Imported.

Darkstar Trucks - tough with good turning radius;

  • Darkstar Twilight Yellow Youth Complete Skateboard
  • 7.3" Wide Mid Deck
  • Darkstar Trucks
  • 52mm Yellow Darkstar Wheels
  • Abec 5 Bearings

Complete FP Silver Skateboard 7.8″ w/ Darkstar Trucks | Wooki

Darkstar Ruin Complete Skateboard, Black, FUL7.6 by Darkstar. $51.42. Deck: 7.6" x 31.6". Built with Darkstar trucks, Helmet 52mm wheels, Darkstar Abec 5 bearings, Darkstar hardware, Quality Griptape. Imported. Save $40.

The Darkstar Brush Rasta Complete 7.6 x 31.25 comes with Darkstar trucks black base and silver hanger, the wheels are all black with the Darkstar graphic on just the one side of it and the size of the wheels are 52mm, the hardware is 6 black bolts and 2 silver, standard griptape and bearings.