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Jaques croquet sets come in an exciting variety, including croquet sets on stands (a favorite among the kids, with an adult version, too), croquet sets in bags or in sturdy wooden boxes, with numerous stunning sets named after famous events, places and players of the game. Price points vary, as do the style and size of sets. You can select a croquet set for four players, or choose one that has a wide selection of Challenge, Oxford and Hampton mallet models to match your desires and playing style.

Jaques won a Gold medal for that accomplishment, but he also wrote the book, literally, on croquet, with his “Croquet: The Laws and Regulations of the Game,” printing an amazing 65,000 copies by 1867. The Jaques of London company is still run by the family over 200 years after its establishment. It still produces superior croquet sets, accessories and books on croquet, including an updated version of the book in many of their handsome quality hardwood, handmade-in-England croquet sets.

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The Quoit Factory sells gorgeous and durable handcrafted Croquet Sets. We have the largest selection of American-made Croquet sets on the Internet. Our Savannah Vintage Croquet Set product line is arguably one of the finest quality sets you’ll find on the market.

We sell 6 player Croquet Sets or the rare 8 player Croquet Set with vibrant colors for the Mallets and Balls. Croquet is one of the best outdoor lawn games to play with family and friends. Browse our quality croquet sets.

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Croquet is a game that has typically been passed on for generations in families. Often, the croquet sets in the family have been passed down, too, but this applies only if they are sturdy and made with long-lasting, quality materials. One of the “founding fathers” of croquet - indeed, the first to popularize it in England and initiate the wildfire spread of the game around the world when he introduced it at The Great Exhibition of 1851 - was John Jaques II.

Adult players will, of course, want one of the more suitably sized and possibly sophisticated croquet sets. Most players select a mallet with a weight of around 3 pounds. Square-faced mallets are often selected by serious players, but many still prefer a round-faced one. Mallets with rounded face edges will not chip easily, and retaining metal rings near the face further reinforce the strength and life of a mallet. Competition mallets and accessories are built to last for years.