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The Critters (i.e. Krites) are that exist simply to eat and breed and the main human characters in the films endeavor to protect themselves while trying to think of ways to defeat them. appears in all four films as an interstellar bounty hunter named Ug, as does as Charlie, an alcoholic who rises to the occasion when called upon to defend mankind. appeared in , and and both appeared in the first installment. starred in the first two films as Bradley Brown.

The central focus of the series is upon a group of malevolent carnivorous alien creatures called Krites which are known as Critters. They have the ability to roll into balls (like ) and combine into a sphere that can roll across the landscape causing destruction.

critter 1815, dialectal or humorous pronunciation of creature.

Need a tug to haul this critter into the channel, I swan you do!

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In the first film, the largest Krite took leadership over the others. This is carried over into the second film where, though later turning out to be Ug in disguise, the largest Krite was seen as the leader once more, being able to persuade the immense pack of smaller Krites to continue on to Polar Ice Burger instead of attacking the humans that were following behind them. Although the concept of the biggest Krites being the leader was dropped in , the Krite whose face was burned by bleach is shown leading the group throughout most of the film and is the last Krite to be killed. Because the fourth film only has two main Krite characters, it is difficult to determine if a lead Krite is being suggested, although one Krite (the one who had the top of its head shot bald by Charlie when it was a hatchling) is shown as ordering around the other Critters.