This Cotton Tale crib rail cover features an elegant pattern for a

Presenting the Crib Rail Cover Tutorial!

Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Cover for Long Rail, White, Narrow for Crib Rails Measuring up to 8" Around!


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What’s a crib rail cover? To be honest… they are pretty much decorative! If you have a little one that likes to teeth or chew on the crib rails, then it definitely comes in handy too. Traditional crib bumpers protect against head bonks and limb fractures, but if you are looking for , then our crib rail covers are the perfect decorative accessory!

For the boys, we went with a cleaner look – thick piping and bold colors! Same 50×14″ size, and available in all of our most popular sets! Our designer comes in over 12 colors – all with matching crib rail covers!

Trend Lab Fleece CribWrap Rail Covers for Crib Sides..

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I used 12 pieces of 4″ ribbon on the short sides of the crib rail cover and 20 pieces on the long sides so that’s a total of 64 pieces of ribbon.

Great question, K.B.! Our crib was already chewed up before we put the fleece crib rail cover on it so I don’t have any way to tell if there’s been new bite marks this time around. I would suggest going with thicker fleece fabric if you want to keep your crib rails well protected. If you want to be 100% sure though, go with the rubber teething guards too.