5 credit card perks you might not know you have

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Making the most of credit card perks

There are two kinds of annual credit card perks: ones that start and end along with the calendar year, and those that are based on your cardmember year. So while each credit card will have a different anniversary of account opening, many benefits expire at the end of December regardless of when you first signed up.

I’ve gone through all of the cards from the major issuers to compile this list of credit card perks, such as airline credits and elite status, that will end along with 2015. In other words, use ’em or loose ’em. Whether or not you take advantage of all the below benefits, though, note that they’ll become available again on January 1, 2016.

Making the most of credit card perks

  1. First crack at concert tickets
  2. Rental car insurance coverage
  3. Guaranteed returns
  4. Cell phone replacement insurance
  5. Trip cancellation coverage
  6. Cash without an ATM
  7. Emergency travel insurance
  8. A low price on a car
  9. Price protection
  10. Roadside assistance

Save Me: Credit card perks that save money

Raise your hand if you like free stuff. Everyone? OK, great. Did you know that aside from rewards, your credit card could provide you with other free stuff? It’s true! There are plenty of amazing freebies on your card that you’d otherwise have to pay for. Here are five of our favorite free credit card perks.

If you can resist the temptation of maxing out every credit card you open, you can even take advantage of some lucrative credit card perks by diversifying your cards.