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Make your mark with your favourite scent! Crayola Creations Scented Markers come in 10 different fun-scents: cherry, wild berry, orange, lemon, green apple, fresh air, bay breeze, vanilla, burnt marshmallow and spice.

Add colour and favourite scents to your artwork with Crayola Creations Scented Markers. Each colour has a different scent! Red smells like cherry, orange smells like oranges and the colour green smells of green apples just to name a few. All up, there are 10 scented markers to spice up your next creation.

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Plus, right now, buy 3 participating Eggo® products with Crayola packaging and get $5 off of Crayola products! My daughter chose the Crayola Doodle Scents Scented Markers. What’s more fun than scented markers?!