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With the very hot days of summer approaching, I put together an arts and crafts box for my kids to help them stay busy. I packed it full of new crayons, paints, markers, paper, pipe cleaners, pom poms, buttons, coloring books, glue, tape, stickers, popsicle sticks, and the Crayola Art Smock. The smock wasn?t exactly a necessary addition, but it is a cute and inexpensive little extra that my kids were very excited about! Besides, I just recently cut up daddy?s old shirts for dust rags.

There really isn?t much to the Crayola Art Smock. It?s basically a long piece of heavy white plastic - about 35 inches long. It is seamed in the middle and there is a hole with a slit to put your head through. All the edges of the smock are trimmed with a heavy yellow fabric. The hole is plenty big enough for my 6-year olds head to fit through. Even my head fits though it, though admittedly, I have a little head (this may explain a lot!). There are ties on each side of the smock, as well as at the top of the slip at the back of your neck, to keep it securely on your budding little artist.

Crayola offers the smock with several different designs on the front of it. The one picture by Epinions has little boy painting on the front of it. The one we purchased has a picture of a big red dancing crayon on it, with yellow, green and red scissors, markers, and crayons floating around him. I?ve also seem a design with a house, flowers and birds in the ?kid-drawn? style, as well as one with a bunch of dancing paint brushes.

At the bottom of the front of the apron is a big picket, which is divided into three sections. It?s perfect for stowing paintbrushes in, as well as for catching paint puddles that drip down the front of the apron.

We usually use the Crayola Art Smock for painting at our easel. It comes down below 2-year old Katie?s shorts and to the middle of 6-year old Adam?s shorts. So, for at least for now, our clothes have been saved from the effect of our refrigerator art. To clean the smock I just wipe it down with a warm wash cloth and it comes clean. The only stains on it are on the yellow fabric trim on the top of the pockets, but I can live with that.

Since most kid?s paints wash right out, that isn?t exactly as essential product. And a big men?s shirt might work just as well. But, it?s nice not to have to throw clothes in the wash after an afternoon or creativity. Our smock has actually become part of the painting experience. Katie, however, has decided that painting directly on the smock is a lot of fun.

At $3.00 each I definitely recommend this accessory for your little Monet ? especially if your kids like easel paining, and aren?t exactly concerned with neatness. The Crayola Art Smock can be found at stores like Target and Walmart, near the crayons and markers in the school supply section.

Overall I am pleased with the Crayola Art Smock, both durability and design. This is a reasonable (approx. $3.00) option for home and child care use. Kids like the bright graphics on them. Additionally, children of all ages enjoy art projects, so products like this are a good way to allow messy art project moments. Whether your child is working with markers, glue, or paint, the Crayola Art Smock will protect his/her clothing.

Crayola Art Smock-CRAYOLA-Art Smock

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Crayola Art Smock

Crayola Art Smock for Little Monet , Picasso, Da Vinci Artists

In addition to art time use, I have a close friend who uses the Crayola Art Smocks for certain meal times (like spaghetti). She launders the smocks (gentle cycle/hung to dry).

With regard to art projects, the Crayola Art Smocks are wonderful for protecting the bodice of clothing, but ineffective with regard to sleeves. Thus being said, it is my experience that children most often get paint onto the bodice area. However I prefer sleeve coverage for certain projects, so we have a variety of art smocks.