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cookie monster voice* ME WANT PUPPY!! - FunSubstance

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Suprisingly, Christian Bale’s Batman voice is growly enough to have Cookie Monsters voice mix decently well into the edited video (shown below).

Official Cookie Monster GPS VoiceSkin on Garmin

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  • Cookie Monster Voice Batman Film

    YouTube member took an end scene from film and gave Batman a hilarious Cookie Monster voice-over. It makes for a great chat with Commissioner Gordon. The unedited scene .

    (I give each child a cookie to hold. Then using my best Cookie Monster voice I ask for each cookie. When the child with the called for cookie comes up, they can put the cookie right in the mouth. I found this picture of Cookie Monster on the internet and laminated it. Then I cut out the mouth and found a box that I also cut out a mouth shape. I covered the box in blue construction paper. I used a piece of black flannel with a slit cut in it for the mouth. I left one end of the box accessible to be able to easily retrieve the cookies afterwards. The cookies were made using craft foam and I drew the sprinkles on and then sprayed with glitter glue. For the cookie template and original idea, please visit .)