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Sometimes the time comes when the Dad has to be the one in charge of the diaper bag, and when those instances occur, the Dad needs his own diaper bag to take around town. That is exactly what I have in the form of a **Columbia Trekster Diaper Bag**. It's not the typical diaper bag that you might see a new mom carrying around, but rather a really "cool" bag that any man is able to carry around without losing any of his credibility. That's a nice thing to, because I am not the biggest fan of purple or turquoise bags used to carry around our daughter's diaper changing needs.

This isn't just a diaper bag for the style aspect though, because it has a lot of functionality as well. It comes with a thermal bottle chamber that is insulated to keep a chilled bottle cold, it has a portable and padded changing mat that comes with its own bag for disposals, and it has multiple organizer pockets to keep everything in its place when you aren't using one of those many changing time tools. There is also a little pocket for pacifiers as well as a larger area to store diapers, blankets, or anything else you might want to carry around with you that could be needed at a moment's notice.

I think I like this diaper bag better than the other ones in the house because it doesn't even seem like a diaper bag unless you open it up. It can be worn like a back-pack with some great (padded) shoulder straps, or carried by the nice thick (and durable) handle on the top of the bag. The bag is also waterproof, so you don't have to worry about any of the contents getting wet if you get caught in the rain, or want to use the bag to help out the baby on a long hike. Easy to carry, built really well, and made with a million pockets and holders, this is one of those tools that make it more fun for a guy to lug around the baby products.

We got the Columbia Trekster Diaper Bag when we had our first child. We wanted something that my husband wouldn't be embarrassed to carry. (And I'm not into frilly things either!) Several of our friends had this bag, and they recommended it with reservations.

I like the bag. The colors are good. I love that it's a backpack. It makes it so much easier when you're bending over to tend to the baby. It's a good size (unless you use cloth diapers like we do).

On the negative side: The large compartment only has two small elastic pockets inside. You really have to dig around to find what you're looking for. While I haven't experienced it personally, I've heard that the insulated lining in one of the side pockets can rip with little effort. In the other side pocket, there are mesh pockets. I find the mesh pockets annoying in that the comb and other small things I put in there tend to get caught in the mesh.

Overall, I'd recommend the bag. But, I wish there were a better alternative.

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Update: Now that I have managed to try about a billion diaper bags I want to share with you my two favorite picks! For the light load, and this works even with two kids I always carry my Columbia backpack diaper bag.

And to carry around everything and the kitchen sink I carry the Carters Zip Front Tote diaper bag.

Also this Skip Hop Diaper Clutch is awesome!! I use this in both bags. It organizes your diapers and wipes and is a changing pad! It also has a strap for your wrist this makes carrying a baby and the essentials to the bathroom so much easier. No need to lug the bag and dig everything out!

When my husband and I created our baby registry, we wanted different things when it came to diaper bags. He won out - we registered for this Columbia bag and I went ahead and bought a cute canvas tote from Lands' End anyway. Fast forward: our son is one, we use the Columbia diaper bag every day, and the Lands' End bag was used once or twice last summer to tote beach toys. Columbia really hit the nail on the head with this bag. It's masculine, so my husband doesn't mind carrying it. It's a backpack, so it's not going to fall off your shoulder while you're holding hands with your new little walker and bonk him in the head. It's got many different zippered pouches which Mom loves for keeping things organized and a much larger "free" space in the middle that Dad loves to shove things into willy-nilly. (It's not THAT big, Mom, don't worry - you'll be able to sort it all out later.) One side is a sort of cooler compartment which can keep a bottle cold for a little while, but don't count on it to work all day. And it's a great size. In ours we keep the following so it's ready to go out the door when we are: 5-6 diapers, soft pack of wipes, receiving blanket, changing pad, first aid case with all the essentials, extra set of clothes, anti-bacterial wipes (in the tall, round tub); zippered pouch with books, a coloring book and markers, and a couple toys; a few small bags of snacks (think 100 calorie pack size), single serve applesauce, set of toddler silverware, and a bib. All of that fits very comfortably with a little room to spare (sometimes I throw my wallet and a set of hat/gloves in there, too). This is a great bag! Highly recommended!