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The latest planned Mattel WWE ECW CM Punk Ringside Collectibles Exclusive figure was revealed by Mattel and Ringside Collectibles at Ringside Fest 2013. A happier, smiling CM Punk included red trunks and boots, a microphone, heart t-shirt and ECW Championship from a time when the new Superstar was doing his best to make a name for himself in the WWE. Many die-hard wrestling fans had already taken to CM Punk, but he slowly but surely made his way atop the WWE ladder, and it began while in ECW. The fate of this Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive ECW CM Punk figure is currently unknown, but upon its release, it will be a fitting tribute as the start of a career in the WWE that many have not wanted to see end.

The week after Royal Rumble 2014, speculation has run rampant on Twitter, Facebook and amongst the WWE Universe and beyond as to whether or not CM Punk is still with the WWE. Rumor has it that CM Punk, unhappy with his Royal Rumble loss and stature in the company, decided to leave the WWE early with a contract expiring in July and his absence from Monday Night RAW has further fueled this speculation. No one, including CM Punk himself, has made an official statement on the matter but rumors of fights with Vince McMahon, tension with Triple H and more have made people immensely curious about what is going on with the wrestling superstar they consider The Best In The World. Wrestling figure fans have already begun to speculate as to what this means for Mattel WWE CM Punk action figures and their future releases. Could Mattel WWE CM Punk figures be a thing of the past? Here are a few of the best Mattel WWE CM Punk figures so far:

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WWE Deluxe CM Punk Action Figure Description:
Are you ready for an all-out brawl? Then stand by, because these WWE Deluxe Aggression Action Figures are here to give it to you! From Wave 8 of this incredible series, this 7-inch plastic figure features the always impressive CM Punk and comes with an awesome denting-chair accessory. Take this punk home and introduce him to your other WWE warriors. Then you can smash, bash, and crash with the best of them… right on your living-room rug!

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CM Punk has been the topic of intense discussion over the past month as his contract status with WWE and appearances have come into question. Since Royal Rumble 2014, CM Punk is nowhere to be found and fans have constantly speculated as to his whereabouts, status with the WWE and more. Ringside Collectibles can now confirm that CM Punk will still appear in the Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive ECW CM Punk figure! Dedicated to Punk’s meteoric rise to fame beginning with his time served in the ECW brand, this CM Punk directly represents what classic CM Punk means to so many CM Punk fans.

CM Punk has shocked the world and WWE fans everywhere time and time again with his words. He shocked the world and WWE fans everywhere once again when he left the WWE after the 2014 Royal Rumble. And he shook the the WWE Universe and the Mixed Martial Arts fanbase as well as the entire sports world when he signed with the UFC! Sadly, this means it is extremely unlikely that we ever see CM Punk in a WWE ring again. This also means it’s extremely likely that we’ve seen our last CM Punk Mattel WWE wrestling action figure. Unless he is produced as a UFC action figure, your chances to get a CM Punk figure lie with these newly released Mattel WWE versions of the Straight Edge Superstar. With CM Punk’s popularity now only set to rise, these are going to become even more difficult to find as time goes on.