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Classic Disney Princess Snow White Doll - 12''


2012 Classic Disney Princess Doll - 12"H - a photo on Flickriver

Anybody who’s seen the septology already knows that the princesses who inhabit that universe—Leia, Amidala—are no strangers to battle. They’re more than happy to grab a blaster and jump into brutal conflict between light and dark if the situation calls for it, and their intricately bunned hair will stay rock-steady the whole time to boot. But what about the classic Disney Princesses? What would they look like as brazen brawlers in a galaxy far far away? Now, thanks to artist transforming the Disney Damsels into Jedi Masters for his latest T-shirt collection, we have a pretty good idea.

Please understand that I am not trying to dis the new Disney Princesses. I am just defending the classic Disney Princesses and trying to demonstrate how all of them are good influences on young girls. If there was a Disney Princess that was unkind, selfish, greedy, menacing, devious, or vain then yes I would agree they would be a horrible example for young girls, but no Disney Princess is like that in the slightest. They all love those around them and have good hearts. Ever since the very first Disney film I believe these animated movies have done nothing but try to set good examples and standards to children of all ages and genders. Regardless of what some may think, Disney films are not trying to tell our children how to live, and above all, these Disney films are all fiction, meaning they aren’t supposed to be realistic or taken so seriously. Doesn’t every girl wish to be a Princess sometimes? Now I ask you, what’s wrong with that? We all have dreams and fantasies and children have them to an extreme.

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    Disney released the trailer for its upcoming live action "Cinderella" film. Starring "Downton Abbey's" Lily James as Cinderella, Helena Bonham Carter as her Fairy Godmother, Cate Blanchett as Cinderella's nasty step-mother, and "Game of Thrones'" Richard Madden as Prince Charming, the movie looks colorful and extravagant, bringing many childhood memories of the classic Disney princess to life again. Check out the trailer above.

    Because I don’t feel I have the time to include every single Disney Princess in existence I will include one last classic Disney Princess. Hey, cut me some slack okay? There are like, what, thirteen of them total now? And this blog is already probably one of my longest yet. Hooray!