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Cinderella [Blu-ray]


Cinderella Blu-ray Combo Pack - Live Action Film

The new Disney Cinderella Blu-Ray Combo Pack gives you the ability to take the beautiful music, sights and story with you wherever you go! The combo pack includes a DVD, Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere copy of the movie. (And you know, I already downloaded the version to my phone, right?)

Owning Disney’s Cinderella on Blu-Ray is the epitome of my Cinderella journey. Every time I watch the beauty of the story unfold with my family, I can smile at my own fairy tale coming true. Don’t forget to become a by November 13 too! You can capture your new favorite classic Disney Cinderella on Blu-Ray, starting today September 14, 2015.

Cinderella Blu-ray & DVD Review (Diamond Edition)

  • Cinderella Blues (1931)
  • with the lovely Disney to give away the Classic Cinderella on Blu-Ray

    My heart skipped a beat when I opened the mail the other day. Cinderella on Blu-Ray. I was immediately whisked back to my experience. Has it seriously been almost 7 months since the premiere? A nostalgic souvenir in it’s own right, this movie is so much more than just a memory for me. Disney’s Cinderella is available to own starting today. And I have 5 Reasons to Own Disney Cinderella Live Action on Blu-Ray, including a Cinderella necklace offer that your Disney Cinderella fan won’t want to miss!

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