Parenting experts have mixed opinions about child safety harnesses.

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- For less than the price of taking our family to McDonald's, we can have a small measure of comfort knowing our child is protected by wearing kids safety products such as an Child ID Bracelet, Who's Shoes , Kids Dog Tags, or from My Precious Kid everyday. We have the new - Child Safety Harness and , ,

2. The toddler backpack child safety harness has an adjustable bottom belt that will prevent the child from getting loose at any time while other harnesses in the market offer a double detachable belt, which to a certain point makes their system vulnerable. Children are so smart, aware and curious that by the time they are 2 years old they will learn how to unbuckle the harness themselves. Parents don’t have to worry about this matter with My First Friendly Harness! We have secured the child’s waist with a security adjustable belt. The parent doesn’t have to worry about the child getting loose. There is no way out! It is really easy to stretch and take off by an adult but, is almost impossible for children to beat the system. The child will remain safe with the harness on until the parent determines the child can take it off. The parent is in control!

3. The toddler backpack child safety harness has enough back pack space to fit a diaper and a small bag of cleaning cloth. Sometimes moms are in a hurry! They just want to get out of the car and go into the mall in a snap. Unloading the stroller, getting the diaper bag and grabbing a sippy cup or a bottle… etc. can be a real hassle. My First Friendly Harness will be a great tool for these situations. Moms can put her essentials in the backpack space of My First Friendly Harness, put it on the child and Go! It is easy, simple and really handy!

4. The toddler backpack child safety harness is so cute that the child will play with it just like a regular doll. It’s a great companion. It comes in 3 cute models, The King: a cute lion that comes from the jungle to rescue your child. And Puppy: our cute Dalmatian dog that will be just like a watch dog. Your girls will love out darling Hippo with PINK straps.

5. The toddler backpack child safety harness doesn't look like a baby leash. It makes the harness look more friendly, with the shape of a fun animal. Just remove the tether strap (tail) from your friendly animal harness and it's a backpack!!

keeps children close and safe! Do you ever worry about your child crossing the street or running away from you at the mall, store or theme parks? With My First Friendly Harness you don't have to worry any more. This baby and child safety harness has many more advantages:
It grows with your child . Buckle on the chest and security belt on the waist for total assurance your child is safe!

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    A smart, creative solution to the children’s safety harness, the patent-pending Safe2Go is designed with the child in mind. Designed by a Canadian mother, the harness is disguised within a cute character backpack. The Safe2Go Child Safety Harness is now being distributed around the world by , a leading edge designer of gear-carrying solutions aimed at active families.

    1. The toddler backpack child safety harness keeps the child close to the parent or guardian by an attachment tail that gives enough room for the child to feel free, but just enough distance for the parent to feel the child is still close enough in case he/ she has to reach for the child.