The article has tips on how to childproof a home.

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How to childproof stairs using Stairway Safety

Referring now to FIG. 1, the present invention relates to a child proof handle for a bathtub faucet. A conventional bathtub faucet includes hot and cold water valves each of which are moved between opened and closed positions by rotating a valve stem 1. The valve stem typically includes an internally threaded portion 2 at a distal end for threadedly receiving a handle member.

The uniqueness of Child Proof Advice is the Do-It-Yourself approach to child proofing. This program allows parents of all economic circumstances to do as much as they choose in providing safety for their children.... and to do it at their leisure. Your question is not will your child find hazards in the home, but when...

Register for the instruction on child proofing and review the information at your leisure. Just be sure to act on all that you learn! A Certificate of Completion will be sent to you upon our notification of your passing grade.

As with any child protection service, the offerings of Child Proof Advice are intended as a supplement to close adult supervision. The knowledge of Child Proof Advice was derived from the evaluation of products, educational materials, prevention programs and the input from health care practitioners and experts in child safety.

How to childproof stairs using Stairway Safety

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  • Surge Protectors
  • GFCI Outlets

“Childproofing Around the House. September 2011.

The present invention relates to a child proof handle for mounting to the conventional faucet valve stem as described above. The device comprises a substantially cylindrical inner handle member 3 having a centrally located bore 4 therethrough for receiving the valve stem. The centrally located bore preferably includes ridges, cleats or similar means (not pictured) for frictionally engaging or adhering to the exterior of the valve stem such that rotation of the inner handle member will result in rotation of the valve stem. The inner handle member further includes a pair of diametrically opposed passageways 5.

And though we often think of babies and toddlers when we hear the words "babyproofing" or "childproofing," unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in kids 14 years old and under, with more than a third of these injuries happening at home.