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Elefun and Friends Chasin' Cheeky Ring Toss Game


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When the Chasin’ Cheeky arrived for review both of my boys were beyond excited. This cute little purple monkey intrigued my boys to the point where they just had to play it right that moment! All we had to do was take it out of the box, put in two C batteries and we were ready to play. The concept of this game is pretty straight-forward and was very easy for both of my boys to understand. The object is to chase Cheeky and get your rings on his tail before any one else – and once you do, you grab the banana from Cheeky’s mouth and do a little victory dance! Both of my boys loved chasing Cheeky around the room, and we played over and over and over again. I love that this game is easy and active and really gets my boys giggling. Another great feature (at least for me!) is that it’s an easy game to store. The rings and banana store right on Cheeky, so there’s no need for a box or bin for pieces. This game is recommended for ages 3 and up and has an MSRP of $24.99.

My son loves to dance around the room, shaking and dancing along with Cheeky. While my daughter loves to just pick Cheeky up off the floor and place the rings one by one on the tail. She is at the age where she challenges everything, so she cannot comprehend why you would make life harder by chasing Cheeky around, trying to toss rings on his tail.

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After the batteries are installed, simply attach Cheeky’s tail, put the banana into his mouth, pick and ring color, and scatter them on the room floor. Turn Chasin’ Cheeky on, and race to crab you rings. Once you get your rings, the object is to toss them on Cheeky’s tail. The first player to get all 3 rings on Chasin Cheeky’s tail and grab the banana wins!

This game is really ideal for kids because it keeps them active, engaged, and on their toes. My 14 months old loves to chase Cheeky around, and he even tries to eat his banana. My 4, and 6 year old girls better understand the concept, and have been having fun ever since they met Cheeky. I will say that this game does bring out the energy in kids, so be prepared for them to get rowdy with a lot of running around.