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What would a Charizard Plush of that size be worth? More than $100?

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Wholesale charizard plush doll from China

Quite honestly though, the wait seems like a small price to pay (well, plus the actual ¥3800 price tag) for the opportunity to hug a Charizard. The thing is 28 and half centimeters by 29 centimeters by 16 and a half centimeters, so it's got some heft to it. And, look at that tail! It is a different fabric texture than the rest of the body. I love love love that! This Charizard plush was released in February 2013.

According to a U.S. Toys R Us ad, those who preorder copies of and together will be entitled to a free Charizard plush. The ad states the plush has a value of $22.99, but does not provide a picture. When you pick up your games on release day, you will receive the plush. This is perfect for parents who want to buy a copy of both games for their kids, as they can now fight to the death over who gets to keep the Charizard (like when came packaged with the N64 and I tackled my two younger brothers to the floor to keep it :D).

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    This has been quite the week for Pokemon fans. First, with Bandai's release of D-Arts plus the reveal of their D-Arts and now, an absolutely amazing (made by the good folks of TakaraTomy) has been spotted for purchase over at . What with all these good Pokévibes, there has to be a downside, right? Well, there sort of is. But only mildly. You can in fact order this hardcore Charizard plush but it's on back-order with a wait of somewhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

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