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Anime Character Maker 2.2 by xdanond on DeviantArt

As stated in the FAQ, Anime Character Maker is designed to be a light weight, character generator. As such, it does forego the usual fancy splash screens and background music commonly found in avatar programs. With this tool, you will be able to customize 3/4s of a character portrait, at an angle. That means that you will have to pass up on shoe choices, but will at least enjoy a bit more detail thanks to the zoomed view.

While most of the elements are self explanatory, there are some that are easily missed. For example, without taking the time to scan the layout, it would be easy to miss the miniscule gender selector at the bottom of the page. Upon first glance, first time users may mistake Anime Character Maker for a female only design tool.

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  • Anime character maker (girl) by courtneyfoxy
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    The Anime Character Maker by Anon-D is a classic entry and provides players with a menu driven character editor. There are simple text based descriptions of parts which are used for selecting the clothes and facial details you place on the character. While the UI lacks any thumbnails and icons, the fast loading preview image on the left of the screen provides instant feedback on your choices.

    The graphics for Anime Character Maker do not stand out in any way but are not unbearably terrible either. Vaguely resembling something straight out of a How to Draw Manga book, it is possible to make a decent character using the tool. We appreciated the fact that the colors vary in tones, so things do not look overly drab. What we found to be an issue was the fact that a few proportions look off, such as the DSLR Camera accessory which looks too miniscule or the face shrinking Helmet.