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With so many different aftermarket alarms available, we looked at all the best manufacturers, feature sets and designs. We also compare car alarm systems: how they performed and the range of the remotes. We graded all the car security systems on the following criteria:

In this section we review how well each car security system feature works. We look at the advertized and actual ranges of the remotes. We also review how easy it is to use the remote and perform all the different functions.

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  • Top 10 Car Stereo Systems

    The first thing you need to consider if you want to get the best looking car audio system is that you need to research about the performance that suits your car best. Although most quality audio systems perform well on any car, your car’s layout can help you purchase and mix in , and Media players that will fit and work well instead of making your car look to cramped up and over furnished. Though having it look good is important, you need to understand that proper set up and proper connection can make or break the sound quality.

    Here are 10 of the best new car sound systems available in North America. Some systems come as a standard feature in their respective cars, while others are options. Regardless, they’ve been designed more for excellent balance and clarity than outright deafening volume, which is why wattage alone didn’t sway our votes. We’ve also paired each with the preferred soundtrack to match both the characteristics of the system and personality of the car.