CaptainSparklez knows being a hero

The Captainsparklez Revenge Skin!

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CaptainSparklez's Minecraft skin

Collage of minecraft YouTubers! CaptainSparklez, SkyDoesMinecraft, JeromeASF, BajanCanadian, Deadlox, TBNRfrags, Ssundee, and Minecraftuniverse!

Kind of makes our skin crawl! But when RagingHouse Will they seek revenge on CaptainSparklez? Will we ever stop asking these annoying questions?! Find out in this Minecraft University Roleplay Episode 6 video! Thanks so much for watching and don

CaptainSparklez is so awesome!!!

Wise quote from CaptainSparklez aka Jordan Maron

Oliver Cruddas says he watches the videos, made by Minecraft celebrities such as Lewis and Simon from Yogscast, SkythekidRS, CaptainSparklez texture packs to change its look and make their own skins for in-game characters. They can find multiplayer

CaptainSparklez knows being a hero isn't easy! Luckily, when the going gets tough he has the power of slime on his side with his sidekick Jerry and the trusty Slime Sword.