Candylicious Bubbles may stain certain fabrics i.e. silks, rayons.

Little Kids Candylicious Bubble Machine Play Set


Candylicious, The Dubai Mall on Flickriver"

When Candylicious first set up shop at Takashimaya, I was blown away. Here’s a giant candy store telling you to “Eat Happy!” and just visiting the store gives you a sense of euphoria. Whatever your age, you’ll be transformed into a kid – wide-eyed with wonder at the huge array of candy and not quite sure which ones you want to get your hands on.

21st September is Candylicious Day and the celebrations last till the 23rd (tomorrow) so hurry down to either Takashimaya (Orchard) or Resorts World Sentosa!

Oh yes, we also received our Candylicious Blogger’s Goodie Bag! 😀

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  • No, Candylicious Bubbles work best at room temperature.

    I was told the good people at Candylicious had prepared a goodie bag for me to collect and I had to exercise every ounce of restraint I had – to NOT open the goodie bag in front of the staff. So exciting!!!

    * One final most exciting piece of news: Get a Candylicious sticker tattoo from one of the roaming mascots and show that tattoo to staff and get on your purchases! How awesome is that?!