Start with the Android Camelio Tablet

Camelio CAM-760 7-Inch 1 GB Tablet

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Start with the Android Camelio Tablet

By appearance, the Camelio tablet looks like most any other 7 inch tablet a ‘grownup’ would use. For kids, this is a pretty big deal, especially if they’re the type of little humans that prefer your toys instead of theirs. While it’s not as thin as some of the newest tablets available, it’s definitely easier (for kids) to hold because of it.

The body of the tablet feels lightweight, yet is put together fairly well. This is important when it comes to kids, who tend to be rough with belongings. Mine are, at least. The screen is plastic instead of glass, so the Vivitar Camelio tablet will collect permanent scratches over time. I definitely recommend an inexpensive screen protector, just to keep up appearances.

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    The size is right, the looks appeal, and the price is fair. If it holds up, the Vivitar Camelio Tablet could also be used by my older daughters during long car rides. So far, they absolutely love it.

    The Vivitar Camelio tablet’s Android OS is a slightly modified version of 4.1 Jellybean. While it provides most of the options you’d expect from an Android tablet, some are nonexistent. Just so, since less stuff for the kids to tweak means less instances they hand it over to me to ‘fix.’ The options not covered by parental controls are only basic adjustments.