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Spitting Camel Game


The Spitting Camel (DAVE EAGAR) - Duration: 4:03

10. One of the worst habits of the camels is spitting. A distressed camel will spit a fetid stream coming from its first stomach chamber, especially when angry, frustrated or spooked, a real chemical bomb.

Here is a collection of different camel sounds, from camels spitting, burping and yelling to camels softly padding on a journey through a island jungle.

4:03 Viral Video UK: Spitting Camel chases jeep - Duration: 4:03

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What camels do is not really spitting in the sense that humans spit

I never heard of camels spitting, but I heard about llamas doing it aplenty, I think they do it when they are nervous, as a defense, pretty much as you describe, a territorial thing.

Kevin Pereira and Sara Underwood present the top viral videos around the internet, including a sled stunt ending in a wrenching faceplant and a camel spitting in a guy's face.